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Legal Fees
  • We charge a $650-$750 Attorney Fee to handle a standard residential eviction on behalf of a client, with the proviso that this fee may be different if there are unusual circumstances that may make it more difficult or time consuming to move the matter forward or represent the client in the particular matter.  
  • The Attorney Fee is charged for the attorney's work in the matter.  It is paid by the client at the time that we are retained and is considered earned at that time.  It does not include the costs that are anticipated to be incurred in the filing, processing and handling of the matter.  

  • "Costs" include sums that will be paid by our law firm to third parties on behalf of the client, and in furtherance of processing the case.  They include such items as: the Court's Filing Fee; delivery or "service" of notices and "legal process" on the defendant(s) or others, as required by law; Fees charged by the Sheriff's Department; or, other fees or costs we incur on your behalf.  We try not to bill our clients for any "nickel and dime" charges, but sometimes they may become inevitable.
  • At the time we are retained by you, we will provide you with our current estimate of the costs to be incurred.  It will be necessary for you to provide a deposit for those costs at that time.  If later, at the time that your case is concluded and all costs are paid out, we determine that the costs were different than expected, we will refund to you, or bill you for the difference.  For instance, if you are back in possession of your property before the Sheriff gets involved, you may be entitled to receive a refund on your cost deposit. 
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